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Because That’s Why

The Guardians 


Unrelated to the pictures above and below, this is the scene in the kids’ bedroom after a phone conversation that went totally wrong.


“I can get a Kleenex for you, Mom.”


“Oh okay. Thank you sweetie.”


It was then that Kitreena entered the scene. She sat beside me looking at me like a little mother that she is. With profound concern and intense gentleness, caressing my back. Just the way I picture it with her in another 10 or so years when she would first have her heart broken into little pieces. She was trying desperately to comprehend the situation.


Tears for years?Kitreena:
“Why are you crying, Mom?”


“She’s crying because I gave her the Kleenex, Kakaaa.”


Me, already chortling quietly:
“Not because, lah Monch. That’s why.”


I am not mothering angels here. I am mothered by two of them who are taking English grammar lessons in return. And today we learned about cause and effect.


Just because I had tears in my eyes.


Mothering angels...


Just because.

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