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Dingin Air Yang Beku

According to the weather forecast, it is going to be 20 degrees well under zero today. When we woke up this morning around 7, it was already -14°C. And at the time of writing this post, Facebook Weather is reporting -18°C in Moscow and “Fair”.


Fair? It’s only fair that we have heaters and a fireplace in the house, and have to bundle up if we’re thinking of getting anywhere near the door! Fair thee well!



It was fairly fun though this morning to tease Kitreena. With a straight face I told her not to stick her tongue out too long in the air during outdoor playtime at school.


“Why Mom?”

“Your tongue will freeze, Monch!”

“That’s right.” Daddy added. Now he got me thinking if it was true!

“And no matter what, do not cry! Your tears will freeze out and you can go blind!”


Kitreena looked really shocked with this new thing she learned about the subzero weather. Worried, if not scared. Though she was born on a subzero winter night, she had never lived in a four-season place, never had to live a subzero life… walk to school against a subzero biting wind, at least.


I don’t know if our tongue or tears can freeze in this weather. But I had to put on a heavy winter jacket just to get close to the garage door this morning – to open it and let me Monchie out, walking to school. I told Kitreena the freezing tongue-and-tears was just a joke. Let’s see if Kitreena’s mothertongue freezes today and she comes home speaking Russian.



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