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Rice Breaking

Krazy Lazy Pizza

Quickly made this Krazy Lazy Pizza on slices of wholemeal bread for me Monchies’ supper tonight. I was just too lazy to thaw out the boughten pizza crust – let alone making my own crust (even with the help from the breadmaking machine!) Even!

Me Monchies were happy, I was happier.

As for myself, I broke the fast with a breakfast menu: cold cereal. Cold rice milk + my newfound favorite Vitalis roasted muesli mixed with almond and honeyed rice flakes + my all-time favorite plain Fitnesse rice flakes. So I can actually say I had Nasi Tiga Rasa for breaking the fast. And I must actually admit, it was the most satisfying meal I have ever had for berbuka.


Glossary for Neil:
nasi= rice
tiga= three
rasa= taste
Nasi Tiga Rasa= a popular fried rice dish with three ‘tastes’ (spicy, sour and salty/savory)
berbuka= breaking fast
krazy lazy= Enida   😉

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