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One thing I like  about  WordPress   is  how simple it is for someone who doesn’t know much about html codes to change blog header pictures – compared to Blogger (Blogspot). Hence you see I have been playing with it… changing the header pictures as often as I like.


Today it features the verandah teak swing we had at the corner closest to the swimming pool. Used to be my retreat swing – with a good book or this netbook – on rainy afternoon. I was going to get some padding custom-made for it had we stayed in Malaysia a bit longer (or at one point, I thought I was going to stay there indefinitely!) This swing is now sitting and not swinging in our garage in Pokrovsky. Hmmm…


My life had taken a different swing towards a direction I did not believe possible when I bought this swing at Gotic Jalan Ampang. I still do not know what could swing my way, but I have faith I can anytime do the Buble’s Sway and won’t stray. For now, I just let the Marimba play.



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