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Thinker Bell

The Three Sisters

Kitreena’s Artwork

She was asking me how to draw fairies? There was no way on earth I could imagine on how to draw a fairy. Let alone drawing one. And Kitreena was specifically asking me to draw Tinkerbell. I gave Kitreena the DVD cover of the Tinkerbell the movie. Good thinking bell, Enida!

So this is Kitreena’s version of the three fairies – my two sisters (KaCher & Aunty Reen) and I. I have a feeling the one in blue is me. I’ll leave it to KaCher and Aunty Reen to fight for the other two. Be nice now girls! But what got my attention most about my Monchie’s artwork other than the curve is… uh, the cleavage. *giggle giggle*

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