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Read Roses Written Blues


I ended up with my own Roses Are Red poem because I could not quite agree with its ‘Violets are blue’ logic. Violets, to me, are not really that blue. They are reddish blue, perhaps. But not blue blue. Or true blue. Blue and red equally. Purple perfectly. And of course purple is a mix of red and blue. Violets are logically, literally, and therefore should be literature-ly purple. Not blue. I stood to have been corrected by myself, thank you very much. And now I stand to be corrected by anyone who dares to correct me with a better correctness than mine.


This is my blog, lest you forget.


I began changing it by first mental-scanning for a word that rhymes with sweet. It would have been nice to keep some of the poem’s original sense. And then I recalled Kitreena’s artwork today of a hummingbird. She spelled bird as b.r.d.e. Hmmm… oookayyy, let’s tweet the birdie shall we? And then I found this fancy post-it with a bird. Call it karma or sutra, I must have been a bird in my past life. And so I saw the blue skies. Blue violets can be on somebody else’s notes then. Haven’t got the blues for ya, violets!


‘Sugar is sweet.’ Sugar? That is such a processed sweetness. Can’t we have something a little bit more natural here? Like honey! I honestly think it goes better with birds, skies and all. Honey from bees, bees and birds fly, and they like clear blue skies as well. Plus, I don’t wanna be thinking of that sugar refinery in Felda Mukim Chuping or of a packet of Gula Prai when I get to the ‘Sugar is sweet, and so are you’ part in the poem!


Well, as you can see… I went through quite a bit of a thought-process for such a simple note for Kitreena. And oh yes, she is on the second rerun of her spaghetti boxed lunch from home. I made Spaghetti Carbonara but with some fresh chopped tomatoes and pickled artichokes the other day. Mama mia! Tanto gusto. Tutto belissimo. Abiss ito. Massu tido. Mmmuuuaaahhh! Buona notte, mia colibri!



Original version:

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet,
and so are you.



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Fairy Enough

Oh warna-warna, bagai bicara. Ku terpesona, kau teristimewa.


I love rainy afternoons when my little fairies get stuck under my fairy roof, too worried to spread their wings outside and get ’em all wet. One fairy would spread music, and the other would spread colors instead. This is the front page of a card Kitreena the T-Scooter Fairy made for her Thinker Bell Aunty, the fairiest of all… Aunty Mas.


Very merry fairy ladies.


I actually did ask her what was with the moon’s and the sun’s thumping heart. I honestly wasn’t prepared for the artistic review she was going to give me.


“Those are not hearts, Mom. They are hands waving. When the sun comes in in the morning, he waves ‘Hello’ to the world. And the moon will have to wave ‘Goodbye’ for a while. Just like we waved goodbye to Aunty Mas, Mom. Just for a while.”


I felt for the moon.


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Thinker Bell

The Three Sisters

Kitreena’s Artwork

She was asking me how to draw fairies? There was no way on earth I could imagine on how to draw a fairy. Let alone drawing one. And Kitreena was specifically asking me to draw Tinkerbell. I gave Kitreena the DVD cover of the Tinkerbell the movie. Good thinking bell, Enida!

So this is Kitreena’s version of the three fairies – my two sisters (KaCher & Aunty Reen) and I. I have a feeling the one in blue is me. I’ll leave it to KaCher and Aunty Reen to fight for the other two. Be nice now girls! But what got my attention most about my Monchie’s artwork other than the curve is… uh, the cleavage. *giggle giggle*

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