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Ringgit, Rupiah, Rubel

When asked by Be what I would like for Christmas, nothing else came to mind when I said, “Bibik, Babe!” Hubby grinned and responded, “Yeah, can we share?” Chuckle chuckle chuckle, and we both fell silent, looking at each other  in a quiet reminiscence of how in order life was when we shared our house with Ms Caskinih Kawi for those five years of our life in Oman and Malaysia.


Little that I knew that sharing this on Facebook – as I put my status as: “Enida, when asked what she wants for Christmas, said: “Bibik, please.” – would lead to an interesting discussion on Malaysian economic growth! Yeah, you can drop your jaw like that again! I must admit, the comments I got from an old friend got me rolling about Malaysians as a ‘service nation’, I tell you!


It all started when Julia asked if my Bibik was a Filipino, Indonesian or a Russian. And then Amir suggested that I should take a Malaysian domestic helper as they are now available – to which I responded…


Julia: I had a Bibik made in heaven for 5 years up until April this year. She’s back in Indramayu now but we keep a good flow of SMS’s between us every month. I would rather spend USD1200 on Bibik full-time than RM1200 on a part-time helper here.

Amir: I am not fussy about the nationality of a helper, hehe. I base my preference on the trust and experience dengan my Bibik – who actually was the strongest support system I had when I was in Oman.


Amir went on saying that it had been reported that Vietnam is catching up with us in growth and predicted to ‘overtake’ Malaysia just next year. And of course to which I replied:


Amir: But does growth determine availability of domestic helpers? Our economic growth has been up there but our people don’t believe in ‘servicing’ people, locally or abroad. Unless, of course, in specific business niche like post-natal services (confinement ladies providers).


It was when I saw Amir’s response next that I actually lost the plot of the whole discussion. I mean, I could not quite understand what he meant by: “Enida! i am very sure that you can distiguised services rendered! when you leave abroad!”


Well, me being Enida that I am, wrote in response…


Amir: Oh I am able to distinguish service that has been rendered for me. That’s why I’m assertive about my preference. Economic growth, I believe – in Malaysian context – is not relative to service availability. In fact, BECAUSE of our economic status among Asean countries, our people refuse to work in the Domestic Help line.


But then again, if economic status is an excuse, why don’t we see Malaysian Domestic Helpers in countries that pay them well (like here in Russia, a full-time helper makes between USD1200-1500 per month)?


That’s why I said, Malaysians are not a ‘service nation’. Tanyalah walau orang kampung yang hidup susah ambik upah cuci baju (just like any other domestic helpers), tak nak dia gaji RM4500 cuci baju kat Moscow. Excuses wil be: tak pandai cakap omputeh/Russian, susah nak tinggal mak/bapak/suami/anak/cucu, ayam/itik/kucing, sawah/pokok serai/pokok getah, takut susah cari halal food, omputeh/Russians tak suka orang Asia, etc.


You ask a Pinoy/Indonesian if they would want to make 70,000 Pesos/14 juta Rupiah… they would leave everything they’ve got. No excuses.


Trust me, I can host a talk show on this topic alone if you let me! Kalah Kak Nita, Kak Oprah and Abang Jerry Springer semua. So don’t let me, okay?



Dah. Enida nak pegi potong kuku. Sebelum adegan berchekau berlanjutan menjadi adegan berchakorrr yang anda ingin sangat lihat sebenornye. Kan?


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