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Ride On Raya

My kerinting Kitreena.

I was not going to write about Raya anymore today, to be frank. I was pretty content to leave it for another year before I let it get to me again. But it is still in the air. My homesickness is still affecting my moonlady-ness. Or is it the other way around?


I still reward myself with one Batang Buruk each time after doing dishes. Thanks, Tuan Nor! And dinner tonight was the Raya leftovers. Not to mention that all sms updates from family and friends today revolved around who went Raya-ing where. Well, I guess I’ll indulge a tiny wee bit more.


Baju Raya-wise this year is a re-run for all of us, The Johnsons. Yes, I am stating the obvious, rather obviously. I am glad, nonetheless, that Kitreena still thinks of the world about her dress that she herself hand-picked at a place in Bangi last year. She did make a comment about the sleeves getting shorter when she had it on yesterday.


I should just let her wear this Baju Raya whenever she wants from now on, Raya or not Raya, before it shrinks on her. While the long sleeves may never be short sleeves, as  I hope she never grows hands longer than 50 inches, I can almost see the dress becoming the most beautiful Jackfruit Wrap within the next two years. Imagine a purple karong nangka, with beads, labucci and glitters summore!


Kitreena has grown and gone through quite a bit between mid-July and this Raya, you see. Since we got her a T-scooter when we came back from Malaysia, she has been a rider. A good one at it too, I must say. So good that it inspired me to get a T-scooter for myself! Yes, these days I send her to school riding it! I see no other mothers riding anything else but their big fancy cars. I guess that’s why Kitreena’s classmates thought I was a cool Mom! Woo hoo!


And within the last 2 weeks Kitreena has also been riding her bike without the training wheels. This girl is funny when it comes to milestones. She had been riding her bike (training wheels and all) since her 3rd birthday. Yeah, pre-Edrick era! Recently when we saw that she could balance on the T-scooter well, we nudged her into losing the training wheels. She got so scared and was so not willing to try that she totally abandoned her bike!


We then coaxed and cajoled her with a pair of roller-blades. Within just two hours of putting the fresh-from-the-shop pair of RBs, she was already gliding down Pokrovsky Boulevard leaving me green with envy! (I have mine too since 2003, but had been too scared to fall on my big 72kg butt back then. I admit that I am now so motivated by the jealousy towards Kitreena’s ease at picking up the speed and balance, I’ve signed up for ice-skating class! Yes, my butt is almost 15kg lighter now. And yes, I digressed!)


To cut another of Kitreena’s riding stories short… one late afternoon about two weeks ago, Daddy just lost patience with his daughter’s fear. He took the training wheels off of Kitreena’s bike, put her helmet on and just forced her to pedal it! As though she had been practising all these years in secret, Kitreena just rode off! Yeah again, gliding down Pokrovsky Boulevard leaving Daddy with his jaw dropped to the ground and Mommy with her eyes rounder than a rounder’s field!


We should not have been surprised, really! Kitreena had done the very same thing when she started to walk. As a baby, she was extremely cautious and got tremendously easily frustrated when she kept on falling. So cautious that she refused to even try to walk. It took her 2-3 months before she got tired of sitting and crawling. One day, she just picked herself up and started walking!


Keputat kakak kepada Melang!I hope she wouldn’t just pick our car keys tomorrow and start driving around Moscow looking for the Malaysian Embassador’s house. After all, she was very disappointed yesterday for not getting her Raya’s servings of Keputat! Did I tell you she wanted spaghetti with Sambal Tumis Udang for her school lunchbox today?


Aaahhh my Malaysianized Canadian monchie!



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Salam Aidilfitri from Moscow with love.


Salam Aidilfitri from Moscow with lotsaluv!


Things that could go wrong, of all days, had to go wrong today. On my Raya. It would be a perfect “Rain On My Parade”, if I were to put a title on my day. I thought not having to cook for this Raya was going to be the best decision yet, for I was about to pig-out at the Malaysian Embassador’s Hari Raya Open House. (Excuse the animal, but really… what other animals eat more, in quantity and in vulgarity, than those oinks? If you can name one, do let me know. I shall lobby against the term ‘pig-out’, for oinking outloud, and rewrite some English dictionaries. Bah!)


Well, it started late. The Raya. All of us slept in so that we would have breakfast around lunch time, timed just right for the Open House which was going to be our lunch+snack+supper+dinner = schnackupslunchschner. But by the time our little clan was all nicely donned in Baju Raya, Be and Kitreena were still coughing like there was no Raya Kedua! I knew then, that I wasn’t going to drag two walking phlegm machines to some embassador’s house! Na’ah! So after a collaborative effort with Be making a Salmon and Scrambled Eggs on Toast brekky, it all became very clear to me that Rendang was easier made at home than going to some embassador’s open house for.


Ingredients for Enida's Krazy Lazy Serba Kekurangan Beef RendangWhile thawing out the goulash beef which I bought some time ago in a very ambitious  attemp to make Russian Goulash (of course the ambition remains an ambition), I grabbed whatever spices I had accumulated over the last 2 months here in Moscow. And with only two stalks of lemongrass, some old old old old frozen galangal, some onions to substitute shallots, and can you believe it… no kerisik, I dumped everything into the slowcooker and prayed really really hard that the next four hours when I opened the cooker, I would have a Krazy Lazy Beef Rendang.


Apa saja lah Labuuu!

And oh, good thing I had this little jar of curry powder. Though it is not what I’d  usually use, sprinkling it all over the beef coating it for a little flavor might help, I thought. I was just so ready to be gone hoping (for a tasty magic Rendang)! That’s right. I did not even bother opening the recipe book, as I knew I had nothing but beef and whatever you can see in this picture, to make Beef Rendang out of.


At the end of it all, honestly… it still is the thoughts that count when I counted what I put on the dinner table for my family. And so, at the end of it all and at the end of the day I did change the title of my day to “Raindang On My Parade”.


Selamat Hari Raya, luv!


What matters this Raya, or any Raya for that matter!



 Dinner's readyyy! Plateful Raya dinner. 



Lesung batu = mortar and pestle setGlossary for Neil:
kerisik = grated desiccated coconut kernel, pan-roasted until golden, and pressed to get greasy fine coconut crumbs (usually pounded in lesung batu)

lesung batu = mortar and pestle

Raya Kedua = second day of Eid celebration


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