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Her Story of History

Just did a very quick reading here where History (as a subject in school) is discussed.


Independence vs. IgnoranceTo be honest, I feel like I learned nothing about OUR history in the 11 years of school. My Canadian husband can tell me better about the ‘Emergency’ in 1948, and the Portuguese encounter in 1511. But the not so funny thing is, he has a different version of many historical stories! And I just realized that I was educated with a sided history that was aiming at teaching my generation to take stand – ready to attack, and ready to defend ourselves from the enemies.


Little did we know that the only enemy we made was our ignorance.




I used to have all the important historical events and the years memorized (thanks to Cikgu Ahmad Ihsan’s stenciled notes). And during the school break, about the only text book that I would pick up was History Book. But after a while, not having the exposure and the ability to relate history to current issues or my own life… I lost interest in history and whatever lessons it could possibly teach me.


I mean, why take the school kids to a museum if you are going to leave them there to wander and wonder aimlessly while you go do your banking in town, history teachers? And oh, while you’re in the vicinity, getting a haircut at the barber behind the museum wouldn’t be a bad idea either, would it?


Seriously, do we take History – as a subject and as it is – seriously?


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