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Apa Barang?

It's not why... it's when..

After staying in a 2-bedroom Amari Apartment for a few days, we have grown to love the smaller space and how often we had to bump into one another. Today, enjoying the last day of kids’ school holiday, I took Kitreena to work. She seemed to be having a lot going through her mind.


Kitreena: Mom, I like a smaller home than what we have now.

Mommy: Yeah, something like Ambassador’s Row apartment is perfect for us.

Kitreena: Yeah, if we move to a small place like that, I can help you with laundry and cooking.

Mommy: Eh? You can always help me now. Tapi tak tolong pun.

Kitreena: Nooooo! Our house is just too big, I don’t feel like doing it. Plus Bibik wouldn’t let me.

Mommy: But if we move to a smaller place, where do I put my Airwings barang?

Kitreena: Hmmm…

Mommy: Yup, hmmmm…


We are thinking…


p.s. Any potential renter for our Mesra place?

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