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Reasonable Doubt

Things happen for a reason, they say.


Yeah, yeah. Whatever! (Kids, if you’re reading, I know I’ve said it a gazillion times that the word whatever – if not put in a sentence – is  not a good word.) But tonight I finally believed that things do happen for a reason. However it happens without you knowing why. Like… I never understood why the fluorescent lamp cover in my bathroom that was hanging, almost falling off its bracket, had not bothered me. I usually would be the first one to put things back where they belong – be it a hand towel not folded right to its four corners, or a blade on the window blinds not at the right angle, or even my daughter’s hair-parting not on its straight ‘path’. Urrggh! I am so easily bothered beyond reasons at times.


But tonight, as I was doing my bedtime bathroom routine, a fly came zooming from only God knew where, right onto my shower door. I grabbed a wet hand towel to flick at the godforsaken fly as if it had comitted an unforgiveable sin. That a la Zoro flicking act sent it flying frantically and aimlessly at my mercy to finally land on the fluorescent lamp. And like it knew the reason for why I left the cover untouched and hanging for the last few days, the fly went right between the cover itself and the lamp. I wasted no time and put the lamp cover back, clicking it into its place – trapping the fly in between.


Things happen for a reason, they say.


I say, tonight… a fly had gone toward the light.




You say, “Have mercy on her soul.”



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