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Me DucklingsSummer refuses to linger. Very quickly 24°C weather has turned the page and me ducklings… instead of splashing at the Pokrovsky pond, will have to make do splashing in the bath tub these last couple days or so. It stayed 11°C for a few good morning hours yesterday as Autumn rain has fallen. And I? I stayed indoors minding my wordpress and mending my Spring chook.


No, I lied. It was nowhere near a ‘spring’ chook. It was a Doux frozen chicken, the kind we used to get in Oman, after we discovered how fatty the Sadia chooks were. Anyway, as I was fondling her breasts and caressing her thighs gently scanning for missed hairs (stubs from feather follicles), a film of her skin fell off. Did I say I did it gently? And as I was holding her by her back, I crushed the sides of her spine and her ribs too! It was then that I realized that the chook could have been older than me!


And I, I am no spring bird either. I am a four-season sexy swan mother goose who just got herself a pair of Viking winter boots – yeah in the middle of summer! Looks like I am going to have to learn to fly this year, if I can’t ski or skate. Hmmm… that made me an old dog who has to learn new tricks because I live in a Siberian husky country. Woof wolf!

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