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Brrrrr! And it's burning... Through the fire...


It was a cold, wet and cold afternoon. Did I just say cold twice? But summer rain in Moscow is sure funny. It doesn’t last longer than 5 minutes per fall. No kidding. It’s like the rain isn’t really serious about falling. That’s what it has been doing to us up on Bukit Prokrovsky anyway the last few days. Today, the rain was playing tag with us at least 7 times throughout the day and it was sure a struggle to keep warm.


I am not new to this sort of climate, I humbly admit. I graduated from Calgary where I earned my understanding degree to respect this almost extreme weather, extreme by a Malaysian standard that is. This is nothing to get over-excited about. But I have been excited about the fireplace! We have a real fireplace in our Mumber 9 Houth this time! Not a fake fireplace with its gas-burner and made-from-cement-firewood like what we had at Arbour Lake.


So when the wet and cold weather came today, I needed no excuse to play with fire. I had fun getting the fire started. I mean it! It was fun. And Edrick was on stand-by with his kipas-satay ready to fan and to keep the fire going. Boy did we ever have fun! Just as much fun as Kitreena did, playing outside… in the rain. And like always, every little thing done with the kids would send me back to my own childhood.


I am not superstitious. Even if I am, I am much less superstitious than my Mom. She used to scold us when we played with fire… burning dry leaves or dry grass that we raked off of our lawn, or branches pruned from our yard. She believed we would wet our bed that very night. She would scold us when we played out in the rain as well. With a similar worry, that we would wet our bed at night… that night! “Lu main api (or ujan) nanti lu shi-shi habesss basah gua punya tilam ini malam! Sudahhh!”


My Mom didn’t really speak like that. Nor did we wet the bed those nights either. Not the very same night, at least. But on the wet and cold day that today was, I caught myself just in time before I blurted to Edrick, “Lu main api nanti lu shi-shi habesss basah gua punya tilam ini malam! Sudahhh!”




Loose :)Translation:
“Lu main api nanti lu shi-shi habesss basah gua punya tilam ini malam! Sudahhh!”
=You’re going to wet the bed tonight playing with fire like that! Enough!

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Kelip-kelip kusangka api, kalau api mana sumbunya.


And so say all of us.

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8157km Away

Kumbang dengan Bunga


Me Monchies and me took a stroll to Kedai Kak Pokrovskiah around noon today to get some coffee milk, ice-cream, cheese, cucumbers, softener, and oh… I can just cut and paste the whole grocery list here. But I am not going to bore your pants off with it, if I haven’t already. Pick up your pants, will you?


It was a bit breezier than what it had been, but it sure blew the morning clouds away and was the very reason why the sun finally came out. And so was I, out there… in style. Had my Somerset Bay blouse, matching daisy earrings, a hat and my pasar-malam RM9.90 sunglasses on and everything. Well, for something that now only functions as my ala-ala Noorkumalasari ‘hair band’, the RM9.90 sunglasses are worth every scratch and lost screw, okay.


My PetuniaMy two bugs, bright eyed and bushy tailed,  insisted to buzz around for a few minutes by the pond. So I stayed and watched. Kitreena smelled the flowers, came running back to me to report that the wind must have blown the scent away. When I said, “Petunias are never grown to make perfumes, little lady”, she gave me that sheepish smile with “Oh, I know that”. She knows everything for sure… after I tell her.


The Little Man Pocoyo and His ShadowEdrick was just happy to see that his shadow kept following him. Just like the moon over Jalan Duta… as he has grown quite fond of anything with light: the moon, the sun, candles, and flashlights. These days, this little man Pocoyo and I can also hold, I would say, good conversation about cars. Just like the other day sitting on the bench outside, he was sharing his plan with me. That is to go shopping for a car.


“I need to get a big one, Mom.” He never really wants anything, this boy. He needs everything. Just like he needs to watch Spongebob Squarepants on Channel 61. “I need to take you in my car, Mom. Can you come in my car please?” Oh, sure! So you’re going to take me for a drive, eh? “Yyyeaaahhh!” He answered enthusiastically. Oh that’s very nice of you. So who’s going to be driving? You or Mommy? “Me me me. I need to drive my car Mom.” Of course, it’s yours.


“I need to drive really really fast Mom.” Oh? Not too fast please. I’ll get scared. “No you won’t. It’s only seven and eight kilometers per hour Mom.” That’s the only speed he knows for now. Thanks to Daddy’s new Garmin GPS voice instructions. Where are you taking Mommy in your car, Monch? “To the house mumber 7-10-20.” I kinda knew that was his favorite destination. That’s where his thoughts go every morning, when he opens his eyes. 7-10-20, my KaCher’s house.


Bright Eyed Bushy Tailed Summer Bugs


I breathed in the cool summer air and was just contented to know that my shadow just snuggled in between me Monchies and me. My number 7-10-20 shadow, 8157km away.

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Good Ikea!

Fully Booked RoomAlmost all my bags are unpacked and I’m ready to go reading. Yay! As a monthly anniversary gift yesterday, my significant other set this room up as my little reading corner. We were off to IKEA Khimki on Saturday to grab one of these Hemnes (2-in-1 Daybed + Pull-Out). It turned out really well and I am excited about reading all the 18 books I bought and got this last trip back to Malaysia.

For now we’re calling this room Gramma & Grampa’s Room as… well, actually this room is set up in preparation for the arrival of our very first guests of honor this August. But until then and after then, there will be an engraved plate on the door with “Booked for Mom” on it! The monchies are for now banned from entering the room – they already have their own play area with toys stacked to the nose! Yay for me!

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I lied.
I told you my truth. Now I feel guilty and I need to tell you the truth about my lies.

I don’t like it here. Not all of it, anyway. I hate the dry air. My hair done at Okairi has lost its bounce. It is now as straight as I am not gay with it. Not only that it stands up in protest every time I make an attempt at brushing it with my anti-static Silva hairbrush, it is also flatter than my tummy.

My skin is rough – yes, from the dry air as well. It is so rough that it makes the sound you would only hear when a jackfruit rubs against the raffia sack that wraps it. Imagine my jackfruit-rough skin rubbing against silk stockings. Yes, jackfruit. Not durian. And that’s why my new stockings are now as linty as a towel. Durian would have ripped ’em.

I dislike the carpeted floor upstairs as well. The carpet sheds so badly that every time the kids roll on the floor I have a few extra items added to my job description. I have never seen a carpet that sheds this bad since that expensive but cheap Chinese silk carpet I bought at a clearance sale in Ruwi. Gosh, I might as well just turn the lint it sheds into a wig by my fourth week here (I vacuum-clean it twice to thrice a week).

The dryer machine. Ahhh the dryer machine is a blessing in digust disguise! Obviously it speeds up the second item in my job description i.e. Laundry. But the dearest drying machine shrinks almost all my clothes! So shrunk that it sends me to the weighing scale every morning thinking I have put on weight! With shrinking comes wrinkling and crinkling. With wrinkling and crinkling comes ironing. With ironing comes an irony – I hate ironing but despise it if it is not done MY way!

I did actually get help – especially with ironing – last week. In fact I did get help with mopping, vacuuming, cleaning and babysitting from a Filipino lady named Joy. She was supposed to come Tuesdays and Fridays. But the joy did not last. She came VERY late on her first day. She said she overslept. Okay no worries. She left halfway through cleaning on the second day (with a good excuse) but did not call as promised. Not a problem, I am not fussy about calling. She brought a friend over on her third day. Hmmm…I frowned a bit. And this week she has not come at all! All I have said is…”Oh what a joy!”

And today, on my 19th day of being in Moscow, I saw Autumn. The fourth season.

Now that I am four-seasoned here, shall I backpack and backtrack? Or shall I just write that great Russian novel?

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Life goes on and I finally felt like writing an email to a friend I just made here at Taman Bukit Pokrovsky, Jalan Beregovaya. To those who have been emailing and texting… I have been talking with you via Global Wi-Max in my head everyday [read: talking to myself as though you were in my house, or head]. No email-email. Too slow! But in case you haven’t noticed, I have been so up, out, about and so around twinkle-town making friends, I have had no time to sulk, buckle, crumple, crumble nor crinkle.

Had tea with Jo-Anne last Friday and met with Diane (Jo-Anne’s fellow South African friend). Had cappucino with the CEO’s wife at her place and had the most stimulating conversation within the last 11 days! (Of course talking to Edrick about his itchy spots was very stimulating as well!) Tomorrow Marilyn and Lirang are driving across the city and up the hills to sample my Nasi Goreng lunch. Yeah, big deal. I’m grappling inside, still toying with the idea of returning home not knowing where home is. But who cares.

So dear angels, here’s Jo-Anne:

Hey there Jo-Anne!
Yep! Got your email, thank you. And while I’m face to face with this laptop – and has no husband to go to bed to (he has been deep in the Siberian oilfield since Sunday) – I’ll linger a little bit to tell you about my night out last Friday (just in case we never get around to talking about it. Haha.)

We went on the Metro and walked a little to the GodKnowsWhereItWasKaya Street and stopped to have dinner at a restaurant that actually looked more like a club called Etaj Projekt (etaj, I later found out, means ‘floor’ – hence the four-tiered interior). So Floor Project Restaurant, it was. There was no menu in English, but the server spoke not bad English and took the trouble to explain what we were about to poison ourselves with. 🙂

I love fish, so I gladly went fishing that night and ordered me a Fish Soup that I thought would be like the French Riviera style seafood soup or Italian Zuppa de Pesche. But it turned out to be salmon chunks soup, served with two good-sized dumplings that were stuffed with yummy salmon chunks. And for main dish, I chose Salmon with Spinach. Boy, at the end of dinner, I was so fished out I felt like a Salmon swimming home!

Hubby had what they called ‘Mini Steak’ since he wanted to have something light. What the server did not say was… the dish was actually Mini Steaks (not just one mini steak, there were three mini steaks!) They were mini only by Russian standard, of course. But I am happy to report that though hubby and I were each steak-ed and fished out… the food at Etaj Projekt was awesome!

Oh, just googled the restaurant. It is on Tverskaya Street (No. 14).

Okay dear, see ya tomorrow.
(I know you’re leaping with joy that it’s a short week this week and next. I know I am!)

PB-09 Gal,

p.s. Speaking of fish dinner, there is this really good fish/seafood restaurant in Perth Australia called ‘A Fishy Affair’. I thought that is such a perfect name for a fish restaurant. Very creative! Extremely appropriately fishy!)


No, I do not go to bed with moy mush.
I go to bed to him.

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