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Malu Besar

Spending the weekend clinging to me Monchies, listening to them as well as to myself, telling them what I wanted them to hear… I couldn’t help developing the itch to ask you two questions I have been asking myself. The first question is, how much do you remember things that you heard when you were a child? The second question is, how much did you hear?


In answering my own itchy questions, I realized I have nothing but not so good news to deliver. The bad news about me is… I heard a lot when I was a child. A lot means, uh… a very very lot! I remember paying attention to details. A lot of details.  The worse news yet is, I think I remember a lot more than what I heard. Well, suffice to say that I can blog about them all!


Among the things I remember very well are mainly superstitions. Now that I am recalling them, I still say most of them are silly, illogical, but super-funny. One that tops all the ridiculous, irrational and nonsensical list is the belief why a child should not step over a broom. Budak-budak tak baik langkah penyapu! Have you heard of that one before?


Yeah, you’re asking why too, aren’t ya?


Nah, it has nothing to do with witches or black magic at all.


My Mom used to scold us (KaCher and me) if we were seen stepping or walking over a broom. She said stepping over  a broom would make our malu to become big. And malu was the little girls term for kemaluan. Yeah! Now, can you tell me the connection?


And today I just got thinking, maybe if we were boys, Mom would have encouraged us to step over (lots of) brooms instead.


Aaahhh the broom power, eh?


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Brrrrr! And it's burning... Through the fire...


It was a cold, wet and cold afternoon. Did I just say cold twice? But summer rain in Moscow is sure funny. It doesn’t last longer than 5 minutes per fall. No kidding. It’s like the rain isn’t really serious about falling. That’s what it has been doing to us up on Bukit Prokrovsky anyway the last few days. Today, the rain was playing tag with us at least 7 times throughout the day and it was sure a struggle to keep warm.


I am not new to this sort of climate, I humbly admit. I graduated from Calgary where I earned my understanding degree to respect this almost extreme weather, extreme by a Malaysian standard that is. This is nothing to get over-excited about. But I have been excited about the fireplace! We have a real fireplace in our Mumber 9 Houth this time! Not a fake fireplace with its gas-burner and made-from-cement-firewood like what we had at Arbour Lake.


So when the wet and cold weather came today, I needed no excuse to play with fire. I had fun getting the fire started. I mean it! It was fun. And Edrick was on stand-by with his kipas-satay ready to fan and to keep the fire going. Boy did we ever have fun! Just as much fun as Kitreena did, playing outside… in the rain. And like always, every little thing done with the kids would send me back to my own childhood.


I am not superstitious. Even if I am, I am much less superstitious than my Mom. She used to scold us when we played with fire… burning dry leaves or dry grass that we raked off of our lawn, or branches pruned from our yard. She believed we would wet our bed that very night. She would scold us when we played out in the rain as well. With a similar worry, that we would wet our bed at night… that night! “Lu main api (or ujan) nanti lu shi-shi habesss basah gua punya tilam ini malam! Sudahhh!”


My Mom didn’t really speak like that. Nor did we wet the bed those nights either. Not the very same night, at least. But on the wet and cold day that today was, I caught myself just in time before I blurted to Edrick, “Lu main api nanti lu shi-shi habesss basah gua punya tilam ini malam! Sudahhh!”




Loose :)Translation:
“Lu main api nanti lu shi-shi habesss basah gua punya tilam ini malam! Sudahhh!”
=You’re going to wet the bed tonight playing with fire like that! Enough!

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