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The Loo Toot

To Wiz, my Biskut Lutut Buddy…


Ketaq Lootoot

Catapulting a palotchki, kharasyo. And the Palotchki ran away with the Spoon.

A knee that is no bigger than a big toe.

Knees capped airtightly


I almost did the kissing-the-ground scene at Alye Parusa punyalah ketaq pala lootoot when I saw this Russian Palotchki, no kidding me Rasputin! Although they are no bigger than your biggest toes – see the McD’s Porridge spoon reference – they certainly of the same idea with our Biskut Lutut. In fact, it is a refined and luxuriated version crossed somewhere between our Biskut Jari, Biskut Lutut and Roti Kering. Takes a while to soften when I dip ’em in me Kopi ‘O. I almost have to gigit manja on one tip to break it open for easy absorption.


Knee lah dia saja nak buat hingaq habaq pi kat hangpa. Chek dok ghenyeh mat yeh hilang dah laa segala ketaq pala lootoot knee tadi. Palotchki ka, palotchka ka… kopi pait pun tak pa. Muka chek dah maneh melecaih dapat jumpak barang pemakan oghang kampung kita kneeh!


Glossary for Neil

lootoot (from lutut) = knee
jari = finger
biskut = biscuit/crackers/cookies
roti = bread
kering = dry
kopi ‘O = black coffee with sugar
ketaq (from ketar) = tremble
pala (from kepala) = head
buah pala = nutmeg [not in the text]
gigit = bite
manja = adorable
gigit manja = nibble/bite playfully

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