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Doesn’t take much to impress me, this wordpress. It has its own Statistics Page that reports to me what people do to get to my blog, where they hop from and where they hop after. Purrrdy neat! 


More often than not, I find it funny to see the terms or keywords people type on the search engine to find my blog. Yes, this time it is the ha-ha-ha kind of funny funny, the entertaining kind of funny. And the laughable kind of funny. Yes, that too.


Those who know me well would have memorized my URL or bookmarked me by now. (Thank you girlz and boyz! I know you’re reading, and reading is good for you and me!). But those who don’t know me well… would still be searching for Enida’s blog by typing all sorts of keywords.


And no doubt there are those who were looking and searching for other things too, but were unintentionally given the option of clicking on my URL. Hence, the interesting and exciting search terms like:



 Terms of excitement.


I purposely uploaded this tiny PrintScreen copy of the Statistics Page. But if you can see the words tetek braless with a red circle on the above PrtSc, you might find it as entertaining as I did. And if you can see it without zooming in on the screen, they are large enough then. (The words lah, not the tetek. Where got teteks here?) But really, I wonder if anyone was actually hoping to see some braless teteks on my blog.


Thank you again to those who have been reading, who have been searching and who have kept coming back… whether for my words or for the hope of seeing teteks here. To those who don’t like what I write, I am sure you have removed me by now. Ah well, not every donkey can carry every one every time, if you have heard of the Donkey Story. That’s why the only one-size-fits-all  that truly fits all is those facial tissues.



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