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Simple Pleasure


I, for one, am not the kind who falls into fashion fad very easily. No I am not fashionable and I can say I am fashionably stable that way. But when I do let myself fall into fashion, it’s wayyy away from what you can call a fad anymore. And I let myself fall fashionably, too. Fashionable, in my definition, is being comfortable. Comfortable when I pay for them and when I wear them. Whatever they may be. Clothes, shoes, perfumes, phones. Yes, phone. I wear my RAZR2V9 like a second skin. Comfortably.



So steadfast my belief is in comfort that I never joined those bask of crocodiles flocking to Crocs for the love of zeal. Skeptical was nowhere near to describe how I felt about those rubberlike-colorful-good-for-pasar-basah-Selayang (wet market) footwear. As a matter of fad, I was once convinced Pua Chu Kang must have had a fat share in spreading the rage for Crocs in this Southeast Asian region. (Oh! He was so hamsem in Sumolah! His English is like unagi on my tongue! Sukane!)


But two weeks ago I had no choice but to borrow Untoo Pet’s orange Crocs to Untoo Mas’s swimming pool. They were very surprisingly comfortable on my feet. For someone who has a lot of issues with her feet, I cannot afford but to be extremely careful choosing my footwear. I have pes-planus feet (fallen arch), a problem that was caused by the weight I gained when carrying Kitreena (pre-natal and extended post). It was worsened by the bunion I had especially on my left foot – a condition that is unfortunately hereditary. 


So last week, I comfortably put my foot in my mouth!  


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