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Tiba-Tiba Tiba

Dah tiba di Moscow. Ketibaan di Domodedovo Airport jam 1330 waktu Kuala Lumpur, 0930 waktu tempatan was after two uneventful flights. Absolutely uneventful! Tak ada tangan yang tersepit celah table-stowing compartment, tak ada orange juice tertumpah atas riba, tak ada siapa-siapa muntah belilah right at touch-down, dan tak ada yang menangis sakit telinga, sakit kepala, sakit perut, or sakit hati. So uneventful that it was almost scary!


I don’t suppose there is a need to elaborate on how good the kids behaved, how delicious the food was at the Silver Kris Lounge Changi and in-flight, nor how smooth the taking-offs and the touching-downs were, is there? The ‘absolutely uneventful’ term I just used is absolutely absolute. Just as absolute as how absolutely surprised I was when I set foot di bumi Rusia ni, tiba-tiba… just like my phone that switched from Celcom to Beeline, I did! I switched too.


Yes, Enida switched! From that calm, collected and connected self… to a weary, scattered and lost soul. Everything started to feel ‘tight’ for one reason or another. Everything I saw, everything I read, every un-smiling face I faced was un-welcoming me back to this Rush-Her land. I have always been a ‘critical reader’ yes, but when I landed, I became a cynical critical reader. I read the Lufthansa’s tagline “There’s no better way to fly.” as “There’s no better way to fly to hell.” Not good, Enida! Not good letting the negative energy consume you!


Tiba-tiba bila tiba, I realized… ada yang tertinggal di Jalan Duta.


Hati saya.


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