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I can, if I don’t kill myself first doing it, talk and write about laundry until all the cows and their boys come home. That much, I know about myself, I tell ya. And it’s not like I haven’t talked and written enough about dirty laundry already. But this one particularly laundry-related area is hard to hog all to myself. If you are like me who get nervous when garments do not come with washing instructions tag, this is probably a prized-possession laundry-related blog-post everrrr!


If you would like a pdf or jpeg copy of this Washing Instruction Symbols, please do not hesitate to email me and ask me nicely, okay. I repeat, ask me nicely. *giggle giggle* I’m off for now… wondering how nicely you can be. I shall change my Facebook status to:

Enida Supian-Johnson has gone wondering.


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