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Do It, Woman!

I just went to darat. Darat is the local term for our tiny towncenter (and that is if you call a place with a population of 500 people a ‘town’). I was there with Edrick to get him a haircut. And he got the best haircut I have ever seen in almost 4 years… all for RM4.00 (that is equivalent to CAD$1.20, Neil)!


Now, will I kick, scream, swear, spit and spank when it’s time to get Edrick’s next haircut in Moscow that I know will cost me RM120.00? I suppose the question is not will I, but should I?


Duit to me bebeh! Ahah ahah!



Glossary for Neil:
duit = money
pronounced as [do-it] in Bahasa Malaysia


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Do It, Men!

To men out there who are man enough to read this, excuse my frankness. When it comes to money, there are two kinds you fall into. One: those who do have money and arrogantly flaunt it. Two: those who do not have money and shamelessly flaunt it. And both kinds are the pathetic kinds. The rest of you men… you don’t fall into any kind. And you are safe from my frankness – for now.


I mean, really! We all know that you can’t be having money all the time. When you do, and lots of it, that’s great. Good for you! But do you really have to unnecessarily show it, blogging about it, posting a scanned copy of receipts of your purchase as though the whole world has to know that your feet alone are wrapped in a pair of RM2557.65 worth shoes. Do you?


But man! That is still not as bad as announcing it to the world that you are broke. So broke that you could almost sell the Fung Keong canvas shoes your kindhearted Aunty Anne George bought you after your STP exam. And that is only so that you could buy a pack of GardeniaIn his back pocket! corn bun? Eeesssyyy walang hiya! That, I am so lah not sorry at all to say, patheticity at its worst! And then you’re complaining your girlfriend left you for a bloke who works at Burger King and drives a secondhand Citroen he paid RM14k for in cash!


Much of the pain is… indeed, self-chosen. But as painful as being broke can be, have some pride, will ya?


Still, a respectable man is not one who has the most or the least money. He is the one who respects his money and treats it like it is his secret lover. Go figure!



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