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Post-Decisional Justification

Post-decisional Justification:
Right after making a choice people tend to value what they chose more, and value what they did not choose less.


Over three months ago I met up with a friend whom I had not seen nor spoken to since 1996. Simply because we lost touch with each other. After a roti canai-teh tarik breakfast, a summary of 1996-2006 life all in 3 breaths… I chose to tell her my post-2006 life, including my August 2008-February 2009 life.


Just as I turned around walking towards my car parked under the scorching sun, I started wondering why I told her as much as I told her. I never finished that wondering process until recently. All I have, as a matter of stating the painfully obvious, is one life. I have lived it in a way that no clocks can ever put yesterday back into tomorrow.


So I told stories the way they happened. I still do. After all, honesty is still the best (and easiest to maintain) policy! When I told her the stories of my pain with a smile, I knew what I had long gained. With every single grey strand of hair I now have on my head, and every wrinkly line on my face… I know I am justified.


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