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Romancing Roma

Rome peppered with a pinch of salt.

I’ve got Rome on my table.

When we came back to Moscow mid July, this card was waiting for us in the mailbox – a thought mailed from Rome, by KaCher. The card did not leave the dining table until a month after we arrived. It was getting a bit too much for Edrick to bear… being reminded of Aunty Mas, 7-10-20, and all the good times in Malaysia, every time at meal time.

This morning, walking back from taking Kaka to school, Edrick and I took the ‘Mailbox Route’ home to pick up the mail. I wasn’t expecting any – except for a card from Kitreena’s ex-classmate from Australian International School Malaysia. A card for Kitreena, of course. Why would her ex-classmate be writing to me?

The mailbox was empty. And that, oh-tedah-ly sent Edrick home in tears! I did not expect that he was expecting a mail going to be that disappointed. Seeing his frustration sent me home with a promise to mail us something at least once a week. Something. Even if it is a paid phone bill from last year.

Empty is not always a good thing. Kan?


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