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I was sitting at the round dining table, listening to Deja Vu by Shila Amzah when Edrick stopped by on his way upstairs. It was just before bedtime, 1930hrs.


Edrick: Mom… *he looks at my face looking for words*

Mommy: What is it sweetheart?

Edrick: Mom, is it okay if you don’t listen to sad songs?

Mommy: Ohhh? Oh okay.

Edrick: I think it’s making me feel uncomfortable.

Mommy: Oh I’m sorry about that, sayang. All right, I’ll listen to something else.

Edrick: And Mom, I think sad songs make YOU feel uncomfortable too.

Mommy: Oh don’t worry about me, I’m okay. I’ll be okay.

Edrick: Okay, but I think you should keep sad songs away, Mom.

Mommy: Yes, sir! I sure will.


He pulled me into his arms, hugged me longer than usual, said his goodnight, his I-love-you, his don’t-let-the-big-bug-bite routine and went to bed.


I was left feeling so loved, and I knew… it wasn’t the sad song that made me cry.


My Little Big Man who has the biggest heart.



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