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Soy What?

I strictly believe that the adjective stupid is never meant for a person. It is to describe an action taken by a person. Or in the case I am about to ramble on about – hopefully not so much in a desultory manner – stupid is probably to describe a statement she made. Yes, it is a she. Her name is Billy Jean. But then again, I don’t particularly favor the word stupid. There is always a smarter way of saying it.


You see, Billy Jean is a very smart person, supposedly. Well, for a young engineer to be recruited by an international company without any cable pulled… is pretty darn impressive. Don’t you think? She might have said that her father’s lordship should not have been made known, so as to avoid ‘influence’, but she made a mistake by making her name-stamp with Daddy’s medal-title on! Oops!


Not only that Billy Jean is smart, she is also ambitious. She wants to get up the corporate ladder as fast as she can, doing whatever she can. And she sure can leave her husband, to be with other fellow senior male engineers, whomever she can get her hands on. But hey, I won’t call that ambition stupid. I’d call it smartassertive! Billy Jean knows what she needs to support her expensive taste, her expensive lifestyle. She knows her limit, I am sure. And that is… uh, none.


And so, when Billy Jean cheated on her husband, had an affair with a couple of men from the west, got pregnant, went back to the husband when none of the men from the west wanted her or her kid, and gave birth to a baby who is whiter than her husband and herself… Billy Jean made a brilliant statement: “Oh my baby has fair skin. It must have been the soy milk I consumed the whole nine months of my pregnancy.”Drink soy milk to whiten your skin. Recommended by duh engineers.


Now, what adjective would you use to describe that statement? 






I don’t think she meant to be funny when she made the statement about her baby’s skin color. It sure was a laughable one, nonetheless – coming from an educated internationally exposed professional. I just hope that that wasn’t the state of her mind.


On that note, I should call Bunsong and order a truckload of tofu, soy milk, beancurd skin and taufu fah. I need enough soy to camouflage myself in the snow when I come tumbling down the ski hill this winter.



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