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Judging from the incident, I must have accidentally missed my morning coffee. It was shortly after 4pm and I was waiting for Kitreena to come home from her roller-blading after-school activity. There was a little drizzle just enough to give the wet look to the grass and my lips. And the temperature was around 16°C.


I grabbed my Nespresso mug and ran through the rows of capsules  trying to pick one to sip on, on this nice and cool wet afternoon, hubbylessly. As I was drawn to Volluto Lungo, I ran through a row of pictures in my mind. Those Teh Tarik’s, those Teh Ais’s, those Milo ‘O’ Kaw Suam’s, and those Hot Barley’s. And then of course, those of mee goreng Mamak Mata Kelabu Jalan Ampang. He’s got the eye of a tiger. The mamak.


The next thing I knew the coffee was pressing and the aroma was much stronger than my usual Volutto Lungo. Hmmm? It was when I put my wet lips to my Nespresso mug that I realized I had accidentally put a big scoop of Nescafe Gold into my Nespresso Volutto Lungo coffee! What the Halle Berry!


So Chin and Lish… if this entry sounds a bit too dark for you; what’s with the Mamak Mata Kelabu Mr. Alamanda me growls and me purrs, and what’s with the wet lips. Just excuse me.  Or better yet, just dismiss me, will ya? I’ve been drugged by Aphrodite a bit too much for my own good.


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My snowy morning coffee…


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Hot Tall Vanilla Latte, Please!

If I  were to flirt with  the idea of flirting with him, I would first thank MokcikNab for the pantuns and the beautiful translation. Well, not that he can’t read bahasa. He is probably the only man with steel eyes in the whole wide world that can say, “Maaf, bahasa saya tak berapa bagus,” in perfect bahasa. And it was both his eyes and his tak-berapa-bagus bahasa that actually changed my tea heart to coffee!


But I am not going to. Flirt with the idea of flirting with him, that is. I don’t do the flirting thing anymore. Not since the year 1999, at least. With the knowledge I have about myself, breaking a heart is too heart-breaking for me to do. Afterall, even my heart is in its work-in-progress mode. But someday, he needs to know that there is a book written from the strength that the images of him had given me. Someday, he will have a page dedicated to his green sofas and his orange cat. And oh his hanging owls too! 🙂 But that someday is not today.


And then, if I were to seriously flirt with the idea of flirting with him… I would send him these pantuns:


Dari mana punai melayang
Dari sawah turun ke kali
Dari mana datangnya sayang
Dari mata turun ke hati

From whence flies the dove
From the fields and down the brook
From whence flows the love
To the heart from just one look


Dari mana hendak ke mana
Tinggi rumput dari padi
Tahun mana bulan mana
Hendak kita berjumpa lagi

Tell me where you go from here
The grass grows taller than the padi grain
Tell me the month, tell me the year
When you and I shall meet again

From: MokcikNab


But then, these were just thoughts I flirted with back then. The thoughts that got me through the nights of counting beads of tears. The thoughts that got me through the days of counting beads of prayers. For Mom, for me and for me Monchies. The thoughts that were wordless then as they all went into healing my heart. I am still one good work in progress. Wish me love and luck, that with my tak-berapa-bagus bahasa, I will have a book of heartful words.


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Cinta Beralih Arah

I have changed.

These days I enjoy sipping on coffee more than I have… tea. There’s nothing wrong with tea. Don’t get me wrong. I am not talking about anything wrong anywhere or somewhere anyway. I am just a changed woman. Like any changes themselves… they are neither good nor bad. They are just inevitable. Tea has served me well.

Tea = Blogspot
Coffee = WordPress

Come sip on Coffee with me. Shall we?

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Better Than Chocolate?

Since as far as November 2008, I have been meaning and trying to pen a tribute to my pediatrician. I mean, my kids’ pediatrician, of course. A tribute for, well… obviously taking a great care of my children when I needed him periodically and pediatrically. I have been trying to find words and ways to say how thankful and grateful I am. But every time I read my own words and ways of saying them… I keep thinking of analogies to describe the tribute.

It’s like trying to make a good cup of cocoa but end up with that crunchy-nut-in-the-middle Perugina Baci or better yet, Godiva and Bernard Callebaut chocolates melted together. And it’s like trying to make a simple crepe but end up with a Belgian Waffle with strawberries and honey on top. Forget sugar! This is HONEY we’re talking about. And oh, that waffle has got to be eaten on a cool Sunday morning on that little balcony facing the Heaven’s Gates of La Rochelle. Has got to!

And it’s like stuffing a little box with a nice little Shikisyi Edo handkerchief but end up with the best Muga silk duvet wrapping around you… like your wedding saree.

Oh I so need a chocolate. I mean, coffee. Sorry!
(Tea? What tea?) Ahhh… my cup runneth over.

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