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Serah Kasih On Thanksgiving

Belated it was, the Thanksgiving Dinner, for me and Monchies. But we did it. We sat at the table at dinnertime, said our grace and gave our thanks.


Kitreena: I am thankful that we are not poor. And we are not rich. We’re medium. I am thankful for all the good food. That we are healthy. And I hope Daddy is safe and will come see us soon.


Edrick: I am thankful for you, Mom, because you are happy today.


Bibik: Bibik berterima kasih pada Tuhan, Bibik diam lagi sama Mommy, sama Kitreena, sama Edrick. Bibik happy.


Enida: I am thankful to God for all that I have right here with me. All that I want, I have. Mmmm well, those who want to be here… I want them too. Hehehe. May God make us thankful not just today when we have it all, but when we don’t. Amen.


Quietly I was thankful my Ayam Masak Kicap was a hit at the Thanksgiving Dinner.




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Silent L Salmon


I didn’t feel like cooking today. Cooking = pots, pans, spatulas, oil splattering all over the stove, mountains of dishes to climb in the end. So, it was time to bake the salmon. Some salt, pepper, parsley, lemon squeeze, and olive oil later, I hid it in the oven for 20 minutes at 190°C.




I cut up some carrots and dump them into the pot of rice (rice cooker).




Slathered the salmon with cream and dill gravy (in a sachet).




Steamed some broccoli and cauliflower in the rice-cooker steamer.
So while the rice was cooking, these whites and greens were steaming.
All in one pot, all at once.



And voila! The whole plate of Baked Salmon, Steamed Broccoli & Cauliflower and Chunky Carrot Rice dinner.



I sent this picture to hubby who was still at work when I was feeding the kids. He cried.



Two orders of Salmon dinner for me Monchies, siap!









I did not use the stove at all. The cream and dill gravy only required boiling hot water to mix. I told you I didn’t feel like cooking. Both the cooker and the cook got their break tonight. Yay!


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Pirates of The Karipuley

Before you get the glimpse of what catch I brought home today, I would like you to chant along with me this pirate of the Studio Jalan Ampas’ song. Three, four! Hit it Bang Ramlee!


Hoi hoi ya hoi, hoi hoi ya hoi
hoi hoi ya hoi ya hoi hoi ya hoi ya hoi
Hoi hoi ya hoi, hoi hoi ya hoi
hoi hoi ya hoi ya hoi hoi ya hoi ya hoi


Hoi hoi ya hoi kita semua gembiraaa
hoi hoiiiyyyaaa pulang dapat hartaaa
uwang berrrjuta, intan perrrmata!


Mari kita lekas ke guaaa
bawa harta semuaaa
jangan lah tunggu lama-lamaaa
simpanlah segeraaa


Hoi hoi ya hoi kita semua gembiraaa
hoi hoiiiyyyaaa pulang dapat hartaaa
uwang berrrjuta intan perrrmata
uwang berrrjuta intan perrrmata
uwang berrrjuta intan perrrmata
uwang berrrjuta intan perrrmata


Hoi hoi ya hoi… hoi ya hoi ya hoi ya hoi!



Now feast your eyes, people! Mmmuuuaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa! *ketawa ala lanun adalah disarankan*




Sing along now…


Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa! *tak abis lagi ketawa lanun nih sangat puashati malah lebih daripada itu*



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I Kan Fishy

Though I love to eat, I don’t normally disclose what really whets my appetite – for the fear of revealing too much about my deeper self, my inner desire, my intimate lust. After all, “We are what we eat”, are we not? I have heard about some freaks people who claim that they can tell how good one is in bed just by what one eats. Oh yeah! So, to cut the carrot short, I won’t pretend to be surprised if they can rate my performance by the brand of meehoon (rice noodle) I have in my pantry! Rate all they want, I won’t wound their stomach or get angry. I promise.


But then, let me just quote Edrick’s latest favorite expression to show you what I think about my fear of revealing too much, “Oh foooeeeyyy!”


There is an adage in Bahasa Malaysia:

“Kalau takut dilambung ombak, jangan berumah di tepi pantai.”

(It literally means, that if you are afraid of being thrown about by waves, do not build your home on a shore.)


To this blog of mine, where I house my stories and my thoughts, the web is an unimaginably big ocean. And unfortunately fortunately to my limited knowledge, I am the only subject known to me well. No, not just well. I know me best. I know me the wellest! Therefore, my front door is where the water is and I am testing it all the time when I write about myself. I don’t just write. I reveal. I open myself up to your judgement. But then, judge all you want. Criticize to your heart’s content. I know I’ll bypass all your judgement and criticism with a byword: “If you be yourself, no one can tell you you’re doing it wrongly.”


Anyway, it wasn’t a part of my plan to sound philosophical today. I was going to show you this:




Oh yeah, if this is any indication of what I like and what I’m like… I like it hot, baby. And I am like… ooohhh hot hot hot!


Since I had run out of the liquid Vietnamese Mắm Tép, yesterday I finally opened the block of Malaysian belacan I successfully smuggled through Domodedovo Airport in November. Two months and 60 degrees Celcius later, my mind just could not shake the craving off. I was on a mission to stink the whole house. I started with the sambal. As a preventative measure against poison-gas emission, and for preservation, I cut it up in cubes, store them in a glass container and into the freezer it went. Such dangerous item this belacan is, it has to be handled with care. This is how the belacan cubes look now, frozen, ready for my Sambal Belacan.




Oh yeah, the stinkier the better!


(Oh, just remembered that I haven’t labeled the jar. I hope Mr. Johnson wouldn’t mistake them as chocolates – as I don’t normally keep chocolates in the freezer. And that is because I have a much bigger and more powerful freezer in the backyard! It’s a solar-powered seasonal -25°Celcius open freezer.)


And here’s the whole dish for you to judge me by:



Yes, the gold/silver dead object you see on my plate is the tail of a very unlucky fish. I bought a Russian (lightly) salted dried fish last week in the hope that it would taste similar to the Malaysian Ikan Masin/Kering. Fish is fish and salt is salt you know. Salt is salty and fish is… uh, fishy. How wrong can one go? In Sakhalin, Vladivostok or Moscow, what’s fishy will smell. You can dry ’em, you can smother tomato sauce all over ’em, you can hide ’em, you can can ’em, and you can even can’t ’em if you can. A fishy affair, though has nothing to do with fish, will inescapably smell.


Well, back to the fish. The verdict is… “Pretty Darn Close”! I had a tough time, however, trying to gut the fish. It’s tough enough doing it when the fish is fresh. Tougher when it’s tough. But I am not complaining. What I did was, I basically just cut the whole middle section out with a pair of kitchen scissors. (I know I am grossing you wayyy out, Neil!)


The fish tastes like a cross between a salted dried and a fermented fish (pekasam), though the meat is a bit harder and firmer than the real McCoy. I suppose I can, for next time, fry the poor fish and then soak it in lime juice with some chopped shallots and chilies for a good half day or so. See if I can restrain myself that long. Or will I go all soft, fermented and as fishy as a fishy affair can be. We’ll see.


All said and revealed, and after all the discursive paragraphs above, here’s what I originally had in mind for this post:




When I was a little girl, I remember, my Mom used to do this everytime she made sambal with her Lesung Batu. I now call it Nasi Lesung. While she never had a name for this special ‘dish’, the intention was clear. To clean the lesung, and not to waste any remaining sambal sticking to it. She would put a scoop or two of just-cooked rice into the mortar and gently rub the pestle around, ‘cleaning’ the lesung in the process by mixing the rice with the sambal. There is this distinctively fresh taste to the mix, so to speak.


And this, ladies, gentlemen and notsogentlemen… is to die for. I am not equipped with a term in any languages I speak to explain why this is worth flying 8157km home for (or driving around in a city of close to 15m people looking for sambal-material megahot chilies for). So I won’t waste my your time trying to cook up any description. Well, maybe it is just my excuse to cut this short, so I can run downstairs to enjoy my cucumber sticks with sambal dip-dip lunch. It’s for you to judge.


Judge away!







By the way, if you ask me what my favorite cooking smell is, my answer will be:



Freshwater fish (in this picture it is Trout) rubbed with salt and turmeric powder, fried on a woodfire stove. What can beat that? Signing off, a homesick kampung girl having a fishy affair in her kitchen in a mega city of Moscow. I kan fishy!


Glossary for Neil:

ikan = fish
I kan fishy? = Aren’t I fishy?


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Laksa-Love For 2010

The plan was to have lunch at Daikon Restaurant on Prospekt Mira on my birthday. But the road was too icy and the CRV’s skating skill is no better than mine. Yes, I am making an excuse and indirectly saying that I am not meant to skate. I got scolded by my mother-in-law yesterday for the ‘spill’ and for the cheap stunt to change my surname from Johnson to Jolie. Thanks Mom for calling all the way from Arizona to ask me to hang on to your son or a snow-shovel or something. I know now how much you love me. Heeeeeee!


So this Daikon Restaurant – on Prospekt Mira, building number fourteen – serves Asian cuisines ranging from Vietnamese to Indonesian, including Singaporean but skipping Malaysian. Oh well! Big deal. Though the snow piled up to about 15 inches today alone, the CRV managed to skid and skate us to Prospekt Mira for a late lunch/early New Year’s Eve supper. And we’re happy to announce that this will be a family tradition from now on: Turkey Dinner on Xmas Eve, and Asian Dinner on New Year’s.




Kitreena was almost screaming in delight when she saw Kway Teow on the menu. She’s definitely more Asian than what she gives herself credit for – she could tell that it was a dry kway teow (wide fettuccini-like rice noodle) and not the fresh-made like what we can get in Malaysia or Canada (at T&T Mall in Calgary). And when she saw the Indonesian dish selection available at Daikon, she whispered to me, “I miss Bibik, Mom.” I am definitely going to write to Bibik about Sayur Asem and Sambal Bajak she can get at this restaurant!


Be, though, was hoping for some good plain ole Fried Singapore Meehoon like what we used to devour, drool over, ordered for take-away and fight over (and about) in Perth, particularly what we used to get from that little restaurant on Doric Street, Scarborough. So he asked for Singaporean Noodle, but So’on Goreng (so’on = mung bean noodle) was what he got. Well, better than that noodle that would wound his stomach and get angry!





Me? Oh I was just happy to see this…




Well, the menu says it is a BIG portion of spicy soup, blah blah blah and udon for its noodle. Big, I believe, is very subjective. Especially if it is meant for the supermodel-cut Russian babes whose legs are the size of my upperarms. The strand of noodle you see in the picture is one of the five I had in that  bowl – together with two BIG shrimps, one BIG bak choy leaf and two BIG pieces of unidentified objects that tasted like chicken. The kuah (soup) was actually quite tasty. Better than Singaporean Laksa kuah at Secret Recipes. Oh, I didn’t say that!


The highlight of our New Year’s Eve’s late lunch/early supper, however, was this…



Happy 2010 to the people I love.
And yes, that’s YOU!


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Thank you ever so much to all dear  families and friends for the Répondez S’il Vous Plaît (RSVP) to my Potluck Project tomorrow. Obviously there will not be any frodos, foie gras or foes attending. Fans? Muahahaha who am I kidding? Sejak bila lah pulak ada orang nak jadik my kipas.


Those who are not able to come due to pre-planned activities, residing 1622km away from Kuala Lumpur, across the Tebrau Straits, Melaka Straits and New Straits Times and also 4100 meters above the sea level, or those who have lent their GPS or Navi Map to someone and cannot find Jalan Duta, and those who just cannot make it because they are on diet and food is the last thing on their mind… uh, no worries. I am organizing another Potluck Project on June 26th, 2010 at the same venue. Coming meh?



Nice potluck photo is from Juliatyz. Many thanks Juliaty.


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Calling everyone, come in everyone!
To all families, friends, fans, foes, frodos and foie gras… please be invited to my:


Potluck & Makan2 Project

on Saturday

31 October 2009

at 3:00PM

at My Mesra Place on Jalan Duta

I would truly appreciate an RSVP by 6:00PM this Friday so the security will be informed of your vehicle registration number. The mobile you can call or text is:                     +6019XXX4316                  You will receive a reply with a full address and driving directions if you need it. I can also email you a map if you ask me nicely. 🙂

No, you will not get the spare keys to my house if you call me tonight. Nor will you get tickets for 2 adults to Moscow, Vladivostok or Cha’ah. The only Cabutan Bertuah I am organizing for early RSVPs would be Cabut-uban Bertuah, thank you very much.

What to bring for the project?

  • Any of your specialties.
  • Anything you feel like making that day or the night before.
  • Anything your fridge has.
  • Anything your heart, your stomach or your throat desires.
  • Anything your budget allows.
  • Anything you want to show off.
  • Anything you can grab at the bakery, Mamak or 7Eleven on the way to my place.
  • Anything you can force your maid, your mom, your sister, your wife, your neighbor’s wife, your husband, your husband’s other wife/wives or yourself to make.
  • Anything at all.

But… only if it is delicious, please. If it’s not delicious, I’ll make you tapau it home with you. Berani tengok!

This Potluck Makan2 Project is mainly for me to say “Hi & Bye” (and mostly “Thank You”) to all who have loved and supported me through my rocky paths since… 2008, uh maybe even ten years before that. I might have lost count of the years, but I have never lost count of your thoughts and acts of kindness. So, do come over and gossip get together with me, Edrick and the special people in my life.


  Mesra Terrace view from the Bath House.

Of course you can also leave your RSVP in your comment here on this blog if you so mind spending 20sen calling or 5sen texting. Heeeeeessshh! Low cake! 🙂 Nah, just kidding. You can RSVP here if you are on my Facebook.

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Salam Aidilfitri from Moscow with love.


Salam Aidilfitri from Moscow with lotsaluv!


Things that could go wrong, of all days, had to go wrong today. On my Raya. It would be a perfect “Rain On My Parade”, if I were to put a title on my day. I thought not having to cook for this Raya was going to be the best decision yet, for I was about to pig-out at the Malaysian Embassador’s Hari Raya Open House. (Excuse the animal, but really… what other animals eat more, in quantity and in vulgarity, than those oinks? If you can name one, do let me know. I shall lobby against the term ‘pig-out’, for oinking outloud, and rewrite some English dictionaries. Bah!)


Well, it started late. The Raya. All of us slept in so that we would have breakfast around lunch time, timed just right for the Open House which was going to be our lunch+snack+supper+dinner = schnackupslunchschner. But by the time our little clan was all nicely donned in Baju Raya, Be and Kitreena were still coughing like there was no Raya Kedua! I knew then, that I wasn’t going to drag two walking phlegm machines to some embassador’s house! Na’ah! So after a collaborative effort with Be making a Salmon and Scrambled Eggs on Toast brekky, it all became very clear to me that Rendang was easier made at home than going to some embassador’s open house for.


Ingredients for Enida's Krazy Lazy Serba Kekurangan Beef RendangWhile thawing out the goulash beef which I bought some time ago in a very ambitious  attemp to make Russian Goulash (of course the ambition remains an ambition), I grabbed whatever spices I had accumulated over the last 2 months here in Moscow. And with only two stalks of lemongrass, some old old old old frozen galangal, some onions to substitute shallots, and can you believe it… no kerisik, I dumped everything into the slowcooker and prayed really really hard that the next four hours when I opened the cooker, I would have a Krazy Lazy Beef Rendang.


Apa saja lah Labuuu!

And oh, good thing I had this little jar of curry powder. Though it is not what I’d  usually use, sprinkling it all over the beef coating it for a little flavor might help, I thought. I was just so ready to be gone hoping (for a tasty magic Rendang)! That’s right. I did not even bother opening the recipe book, as I knew I had nothing but beef and whatever you can see in this picture, to make Beef Rendang out of.


At the end of it all, honestly… it still is the thoughts that count when I counted what I put on the dinner table for my family. And so, at the end of it all and at the end of the day I did change the title of my day to “Raindang On My Parade”.


Selamat Hari Raya, luv!


What matters this Raya, or any Raya for that matter!



 Dinner's readyyy! Plateful Raya dinner. 



Lesung batu = mortar and pestle setGlossary for Neil:
kerisik = grated desiccated coconut kernel, pan-roasted until golden, and pressed to get greasy fine coconut crumbs (usually pounded in lesung batu)

lesung batu = mortar and pestle

Raya Kedua = second day of Eid celebration


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Emy, my part-time helper had to move some of her stuff to our garage before transfering it to her rental apartment. Yesterday evening, Bunsong, who has his own Asian foodstuff business here in Moscow, came to help her pick it up. In his trunk, he had a 10kg bag of Super Special Jasmine Rice, a kilo-bag of mung beans, a few bottles of fish sauce and soy sauce, a few cans of sweetened condensed milk and coconut milk, and of course some dried fish. And oh, a couple bags of this too:


Jintong jintong dia pigi.

Perfect food to grow wings conveniently.


I guess we’ll be eating Jasmine rice for the next half a year. I can also see Cucur Kasturi and Bubur Kacang dessert at least once a month. So’on soup with FooChook and potatoes… mmmm slurrppp!


Bunsong left yesterday evening 850 Rubels richer and with his trunk 11 kilos lighter. I just have to make sure that at any price… that 11kg is not put on me. 🙂



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