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Di Mana Enida Berada

Yes I am in Malaysia and enjoying every minute of it! My plans with the superbike and flying class have yet to see the light of day. But today I have been given another hope that Bibik MIGHT make it to Mesra this Sunday!


I am around if you would like to touch base or make that first contact with me in person. My number is visible on Facebook if you are on my Facebook List. And if you are not, you can email me at enida@mail.com. Otherwise you can always fake a wrong number call to 397 4316 and try to sound like an Ah Pek or Ah So selling Kuih Bakul out of its season.


And Dr. T, we can always pretend that we enjoy the Teh Ais  (tak cukup teh and tak cukup ais) at the hospital’s cafeteria during your tea break one of these afternoons, eh?


Yes, I will make appearance with my Big Man, at all times (for my own safety).

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Outta Here

Other than songs that keep me real, I have this business that I’ve been busy keeping. The business of keeping myself busy. So, apologies to Z – my dear reader from Brunei who left a comment the other day – for not responding to your comment pronto. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment,  Z! I don’t think I have any other readers from Brunei, to tell you the truth. You’re my one and only. You, my special you! Fancy having you here!


I am back doing one of the things I love doing… helping people learn English. It started as a baby step yesterday with two gorgeous Malaysian ladies (attached with the Malaysian Embassy in Moscow). Though at this stage it is within an informal setting, I am hopeful that this could be developed into something that would benefit both sides as learning partners.


And to say that I had a great time meeting up with the two gorgeous Malaysian ladies is an understatement. I was 17 floors up in the air – with the view of Moskva! But the best part of our informal consultation yesterday was the first class treatment I received. Though I did not consider myself as a guest of honor, I was immensely honored when I saw these…



These were not only what I had there,
these were what they packed for me to take home!
(Hence my arcopal dish, if you so noticed!)
Thank you, gorgeous Malaysian ladies. Thank you!



Today, I was out having an important lunch with the representatives of the United Nations. They are from China, India and South Africa. I was representing Lok Kawi, a powerful kingdom in Borneo.



So if you were wondering where I had been wandering… wonder no more, as I wander no more.


I am back.


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Seri Begawan

‘Selamat Kembali’ to my beloved reader from Brunei. Lama suda tiada saya nampak sudara berkunjung. Harap-harap semuanya bagus saja. Senang-senang nanti turun bah ke KK? Saya di situ kalau tidak June, July pasti lah. Di bawa pokok klapa I will wait for you… you, you, you, you!



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Meneka Dalam Kemerahsamaran

Marilyn: Enida, you are really glowing these days! Are you sure you don’t have good news for us?

Enida: Huhhh?

Lirang: Yes, you are. We are wondering!

Marilyn: Is there anybody new coming in less than 9 months? An addition or something?

Enida: Huhhh?


I say ‘Huh?’ a lot these days, don’t I? That was all I could say at first to Marilyn and Lirang the other day when I picked the ladies up at McDonald’s Tushinskaya on the way to Crocus City Mall. They got me blushing pink, as pink as my pink denim JURANG shirt. I don’t blush very often. I don’t wear pink very often either. So I came up with a blushing pink statement like…


“Oh it must be my pink shirt.”


Marilyn went on with the good news she received just the night before, that she’s going to be Mama Mary again to another grandchild, as she kept on teasing me with the glowing in the dark comment. With a serious smile on my face trying very hard to convince the ladies, I said…


“I’m done baking, people! Kitchen is closed.”


I am making some muffins tomorrow, though.
Seriously literally.






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It has been days. And on each day, I was sitting there no less than hours, trying to find words worth writing. I ended up reading. As well as it has been years. And each year, I was looking for nothing less than a reason as to why some people are just meant to appear and re-appear in my life. I ended up waiting even more.


Well… people are people. Some came. Few stayed. Some left faster than I could say ‘никудышно‘ in quarter a breath. Some had nothing nice to say. Some even broke my heart and too mean to say sorry. Some soothed my soul, mended my faith in love and restored my faith in faith itself. Some just said ‘Hello’ to my face in the corridor and later sent so many kind words to my Facebook.


Such is life.


And just as I thought another year would end uneventfully, a young old friend nudged me on one elbow on one hand and said, “Ehem!” while on the other offerring me some purple Strepsils. If you asked me how long I have known Miss Biker, I would say, “Oh, since 1990.” (Oh my! Has it really been 20 years?) 


And the next hour of conversation was more than what we ever had in the last twenty years. Yes, all twenty put together. Though we did meet at a common friend’s wedding on September 20, 1998, all I could remember was how I went rolling on the floor laughing to her expression, “Sit lah down.” And all she could recall was me telling her that I came back to Bangi all the way from Scarborough because I had a dentist appointment.


For all the hours I sat waiting for words worth writing, and all the years I waited looking for reasons worth being… here’s the warmest hugs and lots of HACKS on the snowy new year’s eve from one motherless traveler in Pokrovsky to another in Jonkoping!


С новым годом! [S Novym Godom!]
Happy New Year to Miss Mean Biker and all my mean bikers traveling the world.

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We’ll Make It Through

Dear Dove,
I was standing in the corridor just outside the gym waiting for Kitreena to finish her basketball game last Wednesday when I realized it was no fun anymore. Standing in the corridor outside the gym here is not as exciting as standing in the corridor of that school, with you.


You and our silly underarm-hair stories. You and the gossip about those parents with their designer-kids. You and our exchange of reminders that although we are no engineers, nor are we ever to be seen wearing a Coach bag on each arm purchased with a split-second decision (and paying for them through our nose credit card scheme for the next 98++ months), we are doing okay.


I miss those little ‘Hey you!’ and ‘Don’t hug me, I stink!’ greetings in the morning at the school parking. I hugged you anyway. I miss those little ‘I see you at 3!’ and ‘Don’t drive too fast!’ goodbyes when we walked from the canteen or past the security post. I drove fast and drove you crazy anyway.


I can’t make myself sit on those low benches – the kind that they usually have in the gyms – anymore. For I fear I would miss you so much I could cry while watching basketball games. I don’t look around for familiar faces – the way I used to do whenever you saw me – anymore. For I fear I would not find you, miss you even more and for the fear that I would cry anyway.


The thing is, I don’t cry anymore. Not the way I used to cry with you. Sad stories were told with smiles on our face back then, when we realized we were just two little doves trying to mend our hearts and fix our wings. No matter how cruel love was treating us, we were saved by each other in that corridor. We kept on flying.


And the thing is, I don’t laugh anymore. Not the way I used to laugh with you. Burdens were weightless back then, when we caught ourselves talking about things as silly as unwanted hairs and Panasonic mother-pluckers. No matter how challenging the struggle was to come close to being sane moms, we were comforted by each other’s craziness in that corridor. We kept on going.


And the thing is, I don’t try anymore. I don’t try to make new friends, to make things better, to make do with this broken heart of mine, to make fun of heartaches and betrayal stories, to make out what love  is all about, or to make sense of what life is throwing at my face. For peace’s sake, I don’t even try to make peace with my past, present or future!


These days I just make a point that those unwanted hairs are plucked, make believe that my voice sounds like an angel singing when I’m yelling, and make sure to chin up and think of you when the corridor seems too long to make pass, walk through, or stand in. And I do make time to stand on my knees and be alone with Him too.


Maybe when I am back in Malaysia next time you and I should go for a total makeover eh?





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Do You?

Do you have someone whom you can just ring or text at anytime in the weeeeeee hour just to let her know you’ve changed her ringing tone from Eva Cassidy’s It Doesn’t Matter Anymore to Rahat Fateh Al Khan’s O Re Piyar without worrying that you would wake her up from a good slumber? I do.


Do you have someone whom you can just trouble with picking up your mail or some banking stuff and in your sms mention your favorite kueh Raya without hinting or mengecek at all  only to receive a balang of Batang Buruk couriered over the distance of 8150km? I do.


Do you have someone who spots and recognizes you from half a kilometer away just from the way you park your car ever so straightly closest possible to the curb and from the way you walk ever so focused-ly towards her waiting in a restaurant? I do.


Sepanjang jalan kenangan kita slalu bergandeng tangan...Do you have someone with whom you can stay back, sitting  at your kids’ school corridor for an hour or more just to get your daily laugh stock talking silly girls’ talk like how’s best to pluck our underarm hair, and whom you can confide in, telling her what a terrible  mother you think you are only to discover you both are doing the best that you can? I do.


Do you have someone whom you call just to exchange embarrassing, ridiculous, irritating, and even painful stories about your husband (because you both married a mat salehsaper suruh?)  only to end up understanding them better and loving them more  than ever? I do.


Do you have someone who cries for you because you can’t, swears and curses for you because you won’t, spies for you because she wants to, watches your back because she cares and keeps asking you to come back to Bangi no matter how much she knows of the improbability? I do.


Kita bercerita kisah lama... seakan tak mungkin ada kesudahannya.Do you have someone who reconnects with you effortlessly, reading your mind as well as reading your blog while leaving insightful and funny comments that never fail to remind you of your own childhood and your humble beginning, keeping you humble in a subtly humble way? I do.


Do you have someone who tells you as it is, takes you as you are, listens to your ramble as well as your silence, is there when you need her, is still there when don’t, who knows you will always come back to your senses, and come back to her in friendship? I do.


When you hold my hands, God holds your.


I do and I am as rich as rich can be.


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